Champagne Shopping Binge

"The champagne shopping binge/ is over/ The check is about to arrive/ and nobody knows how much it will be/ I know I don't give a shit not now" -From "FROM A DISCARDED IMAGE" by Franz Wright

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

He's Short, And I'm Shallow

Weekend with H was fantastic, as always. Arrived into Dulles Fri night at about 9:30. (Tried Independence Air for the first time – it’s as though a bunch of buddies were sitting around drinking beer and one turned to the others and said “Dude, you know what would be cool? Let’s start an airline!” and all of the friends were like, “Duuuudddde.”) H picked me up and we went to her house to spend the night chatting and drinking wine. (We have finally learned that going out Fri night will absolutely ruin us for Saturday, no matter how many times we promise that we’ll be home by 4.)

Walked into H’s apartment where she had arranged an AMAZING spread – 8 kinds of cheese, fruit, salami, proscuitto, red pepper spread, roasted garlic… unbelievable. We never even made it to the nuts or chocolate. We opened a bottle of Chilean red and spent the night sipping and chatting. (H had an amazing selection of inexpensive wines - if only Manhattan would get a Trader Joe’s, maybe I would actually be able to have a full wine rack for once. And yes, I am choosing to blame our apt’s inability to keep a full wine rack on Manhattan’s lack of bulk shopping, not on the fact that we drink end up drinking all of our wine the moment it enters the apartment… )

H caramelized some onions, which were amazing on toasted bread with pears and fontina. Definitely making this at our next party. Tastes delicious, sounds impressive, and requires absolutely no cooking knowledge whatsoever.

Sat we walked to Georgetown and got lunch at a little French restaurant. H was swept away by our waiter’s accent, and while the European thing doesn’t do much for me, he did have the most gorgeous blue eyes…

We had 8:00 reservations at Panache, a new-ish Spanish that has received good reviews. Not shockingly, our afternoon nap ran long and we were running late. We called to tell them, and got a cheerful “No problem.” When we arrived at the restaurant at 8:30 we could see why – it was practically empty. It did fill up by the end, but the crowd was somewhat questionable – what’s DC-speak for B&T?

Decent space, nice if somewhat clueless service (did feel badly for him as the girl at the table next to us sent back her wine for no reason and was just generally impossible – she spent the remainder of the dinner fighting with her date as H and I tried unsuccessfully to eavesdrop without being too obvious), sugar-ladened specialty cocktails… The petite fillet was excellent, and the sangria tasted like Juciy Juice. (Remember Juicy Juice? We weren’t allowed to have soda or Hi-C growing up, so I had a lot of it.) All in all a good time, though I do think our meal at Café Atlantico featured better food.

Then off to the Ritz for cocktails and to watch the end of the BoSox game. They won, H was happy, and as I fully expect the Yanks to buy as decent pitching staff for next season I’ll just let it go and wait… Met up with some of the Yale boys at Smith’s Point, which appears to be the DC equivalent of Dorrian’s. You are connected to everyone there by less that three degrees of prep school, Ivy League, or “oh yes, we boarded our horses together when we were young. I did the whole prep school and Yale thing, and while my father never bought me that pony, I can certainly hang in that crowd. In fact, I enjoy it once in a while. A very long while…

The Mission

Meant to post this last Friday... More to come.

Write again. Capture the memories. Live in NY in such a way that isn’t possible in Omaha. Eat, drink, and be merry.

Went out with L last night. We were going to go to Gramercy Tavern for cocktails but it was crowded and the crowd was too old. Thus began our search to find two empty bar stools, which isn’t easy on Park Ave on a Thursday night. Ended up at the W. Now, I am convinced that the only people who actually go to the Ws are from LA, but as I made out with a minor celebrity there a few weeks ago (which really only proves my point) I was willing to give it another go.

Ordered a bottle of rose. Sadly, rose season seems to be over. It was the perfect beverage for the Great Lobster Roll Challenge of Summer 2004 (winner: Mary’s Fish Camp solely based on food, Mermaid Inn for the overall experience) but now that NY is cold and rainy it becomes very obvious that most rose is merely pink wine. And not very good wine at that. But by the second bottle who really cares? Also had an order of fried calamari. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually liked the food at a W, but it was seriously delish. (Can I blame it on that second bottle of wine?) Mixed with slices of fried jalapeño, brilliant. At least I was still able to tell at that point that the sauce was seriously bad, can I keep my status as a culinista???

Off to grab another drink (as we clearly needed one by then) at Brother Jimmy’s. Scoff if you will; I love that place. There’s no pretension, the drinks are cheap, and they have the best nachos in the city. LOVE. It’s my own personal Cheers.

My headache is finally subsiding, just in time to catch a plane tonight to DC to see H. Wine and cheese tonight, tomorrow we’re off to find Trouble. Dinner at some tapas place, then drinks at the Ritz, and then off to pick up 19 year old boys… Can’t wait.

Friday, October 22, 2004

welcome to the world

let's see if this works.